This yoga class is a traditional Hatha yoga practice. It incorporates Flow,  Power, and Iyengar  methods. The focus is on matching the breath with the movements, as well as attention to alignment. Other aspects are: toning, strengthening, stretching, balancing, detoxifying, core work, circulation, opening the joints, and total body awareness. Together these make the mind/body union.

Rick received his 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification under Raghavan Yoga in Santa Monica, CA. Originally from New England he moved to Los Angeles to pursue music and acting, although yoga has been his passion for several years. He has always enjoyed passing on any knowledge he has received from his years of practice and training.

Rick truly believes in yoga, not only for the physical benefits: strength, balance, toning, breathing, and stimulating the vital organs, but also the effects the practice has on our minds and consciousness. He maintains that yoga is beneficial for everyone and does not discriminate; he loves being a part of that process. His style of practice is rooted in Hatha Yoga, but he likes to mix in some other styles such as Power, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Iyengar.

Rick shares, "I am very eager to utilize my training, experience, and skills to teach and help those who are looking to enhance themselves physically as well as mentally . I am confident instructing and enforcing the body/mind connection through yoga practice. Tailoring the practice to suit different conditions is also a passion of mine, especially knowing that anyone at any level will benefit from yoga."

Rick's YogaCam™ Group

Class schedule is:

Tuesday @1 pm PST

Wednesday @ 8:30 am PST

Friday @ 1 pm PST

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